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Privacy Policy

CCTV Policy and Usage

As part of an overall security review, the Committee have been assessing the risks that could be minimised by increasing the CCTV coverage of the Centre. One area not properly covered was the main hall and, after considering the “pros & cons” and reviewing advice from the Information Commissioners Office, a CCTV camera was installed for the protection and security of our staff and users in the Large Hall by the Centre Office door.

The Committee would like to make you aware and remind you of the following reasons why we have CCTV installed at the Community Centre:

  1. We do not physically monitor or view the footage ourselves or allow anybody else to do so. It is for incident recording only and recordings are kept for approximately 60 days.
  2. The office is securely locked when Ayley/Karen are not in attendance. The operating functions are password protected and the recorder is secured in a locked metal cabinet. Any testing or maintenance would be carried out when the hall is empty.
  3. We have a duty to protect our staff, including the cleaner who has to attend at unsociable hours during the evening and sometimes in the early hours of the morning.
  4. We have had some incidents with Occasional Users who have gone beyond their contracted hire time and we need evidence to support extra charges.
  5. Should a complaint be made against a hirer or their staff we would, with the correct authority, be able to provide evidence in support.

Kind Regards,
Church Langley Community Association